b'C H A P T E R 5I N V E N T I N G T H E T E S T I N G S T A T I O NWhen the Navy handed over the prov- out good roads. He needed a new roading ground on December 1, they left it to connect the Site to what Bonnevillemostly as it had been, and the AEC County had already graded and graveledreaped the cost savings that the Detroit west of Idaho Falls. Also, the shoulder-consultants had predicted. The Navy less road between Blackfoot and Arco, buildings became the staging area for which probably followed the meander-the construction that began in earnest in ing path of an old wagon road, needed1950. The area continued to expand as to be upgraded to a standard, two-lanea central service area for the NRTS. condition. Robins replied that IdahoEventually it acquired the name would devote some money to the roadsCentral, or more officially, Central if the federal government would acceptINEEL 0111 Facilities Area (CFA). Its functions them into the Federal Aid Primarygrew to include a fire station, dispen- System and help with federal funds.sary, technical library, cafeteria, ware- Johnston pressed, I will appreciate anyhouses, offices, laboratories, and a special expediting methods your staffmaintenance shop for the fleet of buses can use. 21 that would take workers to and fromthe Site. The contractors quickly appro- Johnstons program director, J. Bionpriated the houses, marine barracks, Philipson, took over the conversationmagazines, cranes, roads, and utilities with the governor. The road had to befor service. The industrial odds and available by the end of summer inends lying about the Navys storage 1950, he said. If the state would pre-yards supplied treasures for scrounging pare bid specifications in the winter ofINEEL 12665 scientists for many years to come. 19 1949, this would be possible. Philipsonsuggested that the state hire severalWhether Johnston ever was under any contractors, each to build one section ofillusions about the true status of the road the road. In that way the job would getfrom Idaho Falls to the Site is lost to done faster than if only one contractorh i st o y. One day in the spring, not long were hired to do the entire job. Her after he had arrived, he had his driver offered the AECs own survey partiestake the Buick past the point where the to work under state supervision, and hec ousaid the AEC would supply at leastnt y s roadwork had ended. The carbumped along on an old stock trail that $700,000 from its own funds for thewound westward through the mix of road, over-matching Idahos $500,000. 22lava fields and grazing lands. JohnstonINEEL 4116 met one of the ranchers, and they talked But the negotiation between the AECAbove. The batch plant from Hanford is reassembled about the road. Just tell the engineers to and the State of Idaho was only begin-at the NRTS and nearly ready for action in November fill, dont cut, warned the rancher. ning. Governor Robins became far less1949. Middle. Inherited from the Navy, houses like Snow drifted badly in the winter and easy-going than the gentlemanCFA 609 were later used as offices. Below. By would fill low spots. Johnston kept it in Lilienthal had met. He complained thatJanuary 1952, a new cafeteria was operating at mi nd20the AEC schedule makes a stiff.Central. The kitchen included a pastry section.demand on the state. It would upsetFirst, the road had to be financed. previous budget plans and will certain-Johnston told the Governor Robbins that ly strain us to the limit and expose usthe project would be handicapped with- to considerable maneuvering in the4 1'