b'P ROVING THE P RINCIPLEElectro-Optic High-Voltagebiopesticide is harmless to people, animals, and Biocube Aerobic BiofilterA BiofilterSensor1998 the environment; and is derived from a plentiful for Treatment of Toxic Gases andResearch Team:Thomas M. Crawford, James R. renewable resource: common cereal grain. Vapors1993Davidson, Gary D. Seifert Nanocrystalline Composite Coercive Research Team:W.A. Apel, F.S. Colwell, A.S.Magnet Powder1997 Espinosa, E.G. Johnson, B.D. Lee, M.R. Wiebe,D e s c r i p t i o n The Electro-optic High-voltage: W.D. Kant, P. Melick, B. SingletonSensor (EHVS) is a safe, small, non-electrical Research Team:J.D. Branagan, J.A. Hyde, C.H.optical sensor that uses photons instead of elec- Sellers, K.W. Dennis, M.J. Kramer, R. W. Joint entry:EG&G Roston, W.D. Kanttrons to measure high voltages on power lines. McCallum Description:The Biocube Aerobic Biofilter isThe most unique aspect of this technology is that Joint entry:Ames Laboratory, Dr. R. William a landmark product that ushers in a new era forthe sensor does not have to be in electrical con- McCalum degradation of toxic vapors and gases. It istact to effect a measurement, but simply within novel, effective, and economical vs. convention-the conductors electronic field, a key advantage D e s c r i p t i o n :The development and application of al technologies, and is the first modular andover the large transformers conventionally used a new alloying approach in rare earth-based per- mobile biofilter.for voltage measurement at power distribution manent magnet systems resulted in the develop-sites. The EHVS device offers substantial ment of advanced alloys with a nanocrystalline Portable Isotopic-Neutron Sourceimprovement over potential transformers in cost, composite microstructure. Atomization process- Chemical Assay System1992ease of installation, range of response to voltage ing of these new alloys resulted in significant Research Team:A.J. Caffrey, J.D. Cole, L.fluctuations, and richness of applications. improvements in hard magnetic properties andprocessability over previous alloys, allowing the Forman, R.J. Gehrke, R.C. Greenwood, K.M.Rapid Solidification Processpossibility of near term, high volume, low cost Krebs, M.H. PutnamTooling1998 production of atomization materials.Description:The Portable Isotopic-neutronResearch Team:Kevin McHugh Advanced Tensiometer1997 source (PINS)-based non-destructive assay sys-D e s c r i p t i o n :Rapid Solidification Process (RSP) tem distinguishes chemical weapons (e.g., nerveTooling technology is a fast, low-cost alternative Research Team:Joel M. Hubbell, James B. gas) from high-explosive munitions for treatyto conventional fabrication of precision tooling Sission verification.used in the manufacture of nearly all mass pro- Description:The Advanced Tensiometer is an Pulsed Extraction Secondary Ionduced products, from cell phones to automobiles. instrument that measures how tightly water is Mass Spectrometer1992This new, molten metal spray-forming technology held to soil in the unsaturated zone, a region that Research Team:D. Applehans, D.A. Dahl, J.E.promises to reduce the cost and lead time for pro- extends from the earths surface to the aquifer.ducing tooling by a factor of 5 to 10, substantially The Advanced Tensiometers breakthrough Delmoreshortening the time it takes industry to get prod- design helps investigators determine the direc- Description:This is a new type of Secondaryucts to market. Unlike other alternative tooling tion and rate of water movement at depths and Ion Mass Spectrometer using a patented sec-approaches, RSPTooling technology makes it with accuracies not possible before, ushering in ondary ion Pulsed Extraction technique that pre-possible to create tooling from hard tool steels at a new era for monitoring waste disposal sites, vents sample charging and allows the positivethe rate of 2,000 lb/hr or more, suitable for the safeguarding drinking water supplies, and con- and negative ion spectra to be collected simulta-la gest auto industry tooling requirements. trolling agricultural irrigation systems. r neously, making possible analyses that previous-Malt-Based Antimicrobial1998 Gamma Neutron Assay System ly could not be performed.Research Team:Karen B. Barrett 1995 Sulfur Poisoning Resistant andResearch Team:R. Aryaeinejad, J.D. Cole, R.C. Regenerable HydrogenationDescription:The Malt-Based Antimicrobial is a Greenwood Catalysts1990naturally occurring biopesticide derived frommalted cereal grains. Developed as an environ- D e s c r i p t i o n The Gamma Neutron Assay System Research Team:Randy B. Wright:mentally sound solution to agricultural crop pro- (G N AT) is a new, nonintrusive, and unique D e s c r i p t i o nT : his entry is a new, unique, andtection, this product represents a major patented technique of identifying fissile materials advanced method for the preparation of highlybreakthrough in pesticide research. It offers an and their isotopic ratios in bulk quantities and in a active, sulfur poisoning resistant and repeatedlyextraordinary taxonomic rangeunrivaled by field environment. It resolved, for the first time, regenerable hydrogenation catalysts. This methodchemical fungicides, is easily and inexpensively problems of assaying and tracking special nuclear utilizes the controlled manipulation of chemicallyproduced, has an excellent shelf life; and can be material (SNM) not previously possible, which induced surface segregation processes in conjunc-used to protect crops in the field, in storage, and are important in arms control, nonproliferation, tion with intermetallic compounds and binaryduring transport. Most importantly, this new and nuclear weapons dismantlement. alloys to design and synthesize a wide range of278'