b'P ROVING THE P RINCIPLEtus similar to other national laborato - name. Hansen invited Vice President tributed its developmental functions tories. I firmly believe that Dixys positiveGerald Ford to do the honor. Ford the Energy Research and Developmentresponse was due, in large part, to heragreed to come to Idaho, but in early Administration (ERDA). The bill trans-desire to do a personal favor to me. I August it became clear that President ferred to ERDAseveral energy programshad given her total support on the Nixon had been involved in a criminal formerly in the Department of InteriorJCAE at a time when some other memcover-up-and that his resignation was (coal, mining) and the Environmentalbers of the committee resisted changesimminent. Ford canceled his trip to Protection Agency (automotive sys-she was making in the AEC including Idaho, but AEC Commissioner William tems). The regulatory and licensingthose affecting Milt Shaw. She was Anders, a former Apollo astronaut, dig- function went to a new agency called thegrateful for my support and we devel - nified the speakersdais and pro- Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC).oped a warm and close relationship. nounced that the NRTS would beShe knew that the requested name known thereafter as the Idaho National The new agencies went into effect inchange would help me politically. Engineering Laboratory (INEL). 19 January 1975. Jimmy Carter becamepresident in 1976. That winter, a short-There was resistance to the requested Later in the year other name changes age of natural gas in the New Englandname change. The national laborato - occurred in Washington, D.C. By states helped shape Carters view thatries were a kind of club. There was lit -October 1974 the Arab oil embargo had conservation must become a major ele-tle enthusiasm for the apparent lifted, the crisis in the presidency had ment in a national energy plan. Carterelevation of a more narrowly special - passed, and Congress was ready to promoted further reorganization aimingized installation to national laboratory reform the AEC, separating its develop- for a more comprehensive planningstatus. I believe that the resistance mental and regulatory functions into two approach. Congress created theinfluenced the name finally selected. I agencies. The Energy Reorg a n i za t i onDepartment of Energy (DOE) in 1977. suggested that it be the Idaho NationalAct of 1974 abolished the AEC and dis- James Schlesinger, who earlier hadEnergy Laboratory which would bemore descriptive of its mission. I dontwant to leave the impression that poli -tics played the dominant role in thename change. I believe that we had astrong case to make.18Although Hansen didnt feel that engi-neering, the adjective finally selectedto describe the laboratory, adequatelyreflected the kind of research, testing,and development of advanced technolo-gies being done in Idaho, he hadachieved his main goal: status for theSite as a national laboratory and a namethat identified it with its state.In August 1974, preparations wereunderway in Idaho to celebrate thetenth anniversary of EBR-II. The planwas to use this occasion, to take place AEC Commissioner William Anders announces that the NRTS will be renamed Argonne National Laboratory-West S5843at Argonne West, to announce the new the Idaho National Engineering Laboratory. EBR-II is in the background.2 1 8'