b'P ROVING THE P RINCIPLEamount over Zinns original estimate of 40 Falls: Phillips Petroleum Co., n.d.) and Blaw 6. Anderson, History of the RWMC, p. 4, 16.kilograms exclusive of the fuel in the extra Knox Construction Company, Barytes 7. Henry Peterson, interview with author,fuel rods. Aggregate Concrete Applied to Reactor February 3, 1999.2. Kirby Whitham, communication to author, Shielding, Report No. IDO-24003 (Idaho 8. Henry Peterson, February 3, 1999; (diapers)July 9, 1999. According to Whitham, the re- Falls: Blaw Knox Chemical Plant Division, Ronald Schiller, Colliers, 90; (sanitary pads)manufactured rods were .010 inches larger 1952). Beverly Cook, interview with author,in diameter. 9. John Byrom, personal communication to September 7, 1999.3. Hewlett, Atomic Shield, 497-98. The author, October 29, 1998.9. Edgar Juell, A Short History of the Expendedsignificance of the names on the wall is 10. Fred McMillan, interview with author, Core Facility, 1953 to June 1990(Idahouncertain. According to Richard Lindsay of February 2, 1999. Falls: Naval Reactors Facility ExpendedArgonne-West, not all of the crew members 11. John Taylor, personal communication to Core Facility, no date), 1.were present during the chalk ceremony; a author,August 6, 1999. 10. (General procedures, liquids) Anderson,few added their names later but others did 12. Fred McMillan, February 2, 1999. History of the RWMC, 16; (irradiated metalnot. The sensibilities of the era were such parts) Doan remarks in Radioactive Wastethat the women who ran the EBR office 13. Simpson, Nuclear Power, 47. Hearing, 601.were not included. In 1995 the names of the 14. Simpson, Nuclear Power, 53.women were placed on a plaque and 15. Schiller, Colliers, 91. 11. (Native grasses) Byrom, personal communi-installed in the EBR-I building, but the cation; (practices) Anderson, History of thenames of missing men have not been so 16. Polmar and Allen, Rickover, 151-152. RWMC, 16. In current practice, cardboardidentified. See IDO News Release, March 17. Polmar and Allen, Rickover, 152. boxes are no longer used. Waste is packaged20, 1995, and Better late than never for 18. Simpson, Nuclear Power, 55-56. in wooden boxes or metal drums, each linedEBR-I women, Post-Register, March 24, with plastic.1995. 19. Polmar and Allen, Rickover, 153. 12. For Rocky Flats history, see4. Reactor Staff Weary, Happy and 20. The original telegram is located in a Naval www.indra.com/rfcab/ FAQ.html#4.Materials Testing Reactor Achieves Reactors Facility historical scrapbook, 1958. 13. Anderson, History of the RWMC, 19. TheOperation Stage Here, Post-Register,April 21. Polmar and Allen, Rickover, 615. Rocky Flats area was later expanded to4, 1952, 1; and Fred McMillan, interview 22. By the time the Navy laid the keel for USS eleven square miles. Source:with author, February 2, 1999. Enterpriseon February 4, 1958, it had www.cdphe.state.co.us, April 26, 1999. 5. (Squirrels) Jack Clark, interview with launched or laid the keel for the submarines 14. (Nevada/Idaho) Anderson, History of theauthor, July 16, 1998; (Doan) John Byrom, Nautilus, Skate, Seawolf, Swordfish, Sargo, RWMC, 19.August 25, 1998. Scram was a slang word Seadragon, and Triton; and the cruiser USS 15. John Horan, interview with author, Januarymeaning, lets get out of here. Its use as a Long Beach. 15, 1999.term for emergency reactor shutdownsoriginated with CP-1, the first reactor. For C H A P T E R N I N E 16. John Horan, January 15, 1999. See alsosafety backup, a man was stationed near a Anderson, History of the RWMC, 21.rope restraining a control rod. Should other 1. Industrial Radioactive Waste Disposal, 17. Radioactive Waste Hearing, 582-583.controls fail, he was to cut the rope, letting Hearings before the Special Subcommittee 18. Anderson, History of the RWMC, 21-22.the rod fall into place. Someone devised an on Radiation of the JCAE86th Cong, 1st Also, see photo 58-1450. See Alphaacronym Safety Control Rod Ax Man. session, Volume 1, January 28, 29, and 30; Decay in John F. Hogerton, The AtomicAnother acronym, according to Polmar in February 2 and 3, 1959 (Wash, D.C.: GPO, Energy Deskbook(New York: ReinholdRickover, p. 151, was Super-Critical 1959). Hereafter, Radioactive Waste Publishing Corp., 1963), 21. Plutonium isReactor Ax Man. Hearings. highly ionizing and presents a hazard to6. John Byrom, August 25, 1998; Phillips 2. (Quotation) Rafe Gibbs, The Worlds human health when it is inhaled or ingested.Petroleum Company, The Materials Testing Hottest Garbage, Popular Mechanics(April 19. Clyde Hammond, interview with author,Reactor,A Light Water Moderated Reactor 1955): 124-125; (Argonne) Holl, Argonne, October 15, 1998. According to D.H. Card,(Geneva, Switzerland: International 57-58. Waste Management Program History ofConference on Peaceful Uses of Atomic 3. Holl, Argonne, 73. Buried Transuranic Waste at INEL, (IdahoEnergy, 1955) Research Reactors, p. 352. 4. B.C. Anderson, et al., A History of the Falls: EG&G Report No. WMP77-3, 1977),See also Buck and Leyse, MTR Handbook, Radioactive Waste Management Complex at 9, Gulf Atomic sent 190 drums and 22 boxes352. the Idaho National Engineering Laboratory of waste to the NRTS in 1962. Some drums7. Buck and Leyse, MTR Handbook, 29-30. (Idaho Falls: IDO Nuclear Fuel Cycle were centered in boxes, and the boxes filled8. John Byrom, interviews with author,August Division, 1979), 1. Hereafter, History of the with concrete for shielding. These weighed25, 1998, and March 26, 1999. See also E. RWMC. between 12,000 to 14,000 pounds each.Fast, J.P. Byrom, and J.W. McCaslin, A 5. Anderson, History of the RWMC, 2; (precip-Survey of the Materials Testing Reactor itation) 1971 Thumbnail Sketch, 3.Shield, Report No. (IDO-16073) (Idaho286'