b"A P P E N D I X ER&D 100 AwardsCryogenic ZAWCAD1999 High Void-Fraction Multiphase also is the only robotic inspection system certi-Research Team:Dennis Bingham, Russell Flowmeter1999 fied for use in hazardous and potentially explo-Ferguson, Gary Palmer, Douglas Stacey, Richard Research Team:James Fincke, Darrell Kruse, sive fuel environments (Class I, Division 1,Swainston, Carl A. Dunn, Gerald Decker Daniel J. Householder, Bulent Turan, Doyle Group D) such as gasoline and other fuel oils.Description:Cryogenic ZAWCAD is a remark- Gould, Charles Ronnenkamp The robots payload includes a multi-channelable, patented cutting and cleaning tool that will D e s c r i p t i o n :The INEELHigh Vo id - F r a c t i o n ultrasonic sensor system to map and correlatemetal thickness data, an onboard video systemmake many industrial processes safer and more Multiphase Flowmeter solves one of the natural to provide a detailed view of the tank bottom,environmentally friendly by performing haz- gas industrys most difficult measurement prob- and position-tracking sensors so techniciansardous and non-hazardous cleaning and cutting lems: cost-effective measurement of wet gas know the exact location of the Maverick, andoperations while minimizing secondary waste. (mixed-phase flows of 5% liquid by volume). any problem spots, at all times. This unique system uses as its cutting/cleaning This innovative flowmeter represents a majormedium a harmless atmospheric gas that dissi- economic breakthrough that can impact over Supercritical Fluid Slashing pates after use. As a result, there is no secondary 300,000 natural gas wells in the U.S. alone. It System1999wastestream and no cross contamination. Yet, it of fers extraordinary size and cost savings over Research Team:Mark Argyle and Alan Proppcan cut with the precision of the most advanced existing technology, and is the only device to pro-cutting tool and clean or abrade surfaces with vide real-time wet-gas measurement at the well- Description:Before threads can be woven intofiner control, more aggressiveness, and greater head. It brings better fiscal management to fabric, they must be sized, a process that addsefficiency than other cleaning technologiesall producers, maximizing gas recovery. Its compact a strengthening and smoothing coating to thewithout creating a secondary waste to clean-up, size will simplify facilities design, and its low thread. The INEELSupercritical Fluid Slashingdispose of or treat. cost will reduce capital investment and total gas System (SFSS) is a cheaper, faster, smaller, andCryogenic ZAWCAD is a highly controllable production costs. Most importantly, the INEEL more environmentally correct method for coat-t e c hn ol o g y, adjustable for temperature, speed, and Flowmeter gives producers a reliable, economical ing threads with size, one that replaces cen- means of managing natural gas reservoirs for the turies-old technology. The INEELmethoda g g r e ss ve n ie ss . first time, conserving a precious natural resource. transports the size (starch or polyvinyl alcohol)Tractrix Valve1999 Maverick Tank Inspection in a very high-pressure supercritical fluid thatResearch Team:John Wordin, Pio Park Robot1999 has properties of both a fluid and a gas.Individual threads pass through pressure gradi-Description:The Tractrix Valve is a revolution- Research Team:Thor Zollinger, Kerry Klingler, ent tubes, where the supercritical sizing mixtureary, self-sealing valve that doesnt leak and Charles B. Isom, Kerry Trahan, Scott Bauer, is forced into the threads. The efficient methoddoesn't wear out. Based on a geometric shape Don Hartsell reduces the amount of water, starch, andcalled a tractrix curve, this innovative, plug- Description: The Maverick is a submersible, polyvinyl alcohol that textile manufacturers dis-type valve wears less than competing plug and robot-based system that offers safe, practical, and pose of. The SFSS specifically addresses anball valves and seals tighter the more it wears c os - ef fective inspection of in-service, above- industry wish list to provide uniform coating,essentially wearing in each time it is opened t reduce yarn hairiness, reduce the amount of siz-and closed. It requires up to 90% less torque to ground storage tanks (AST). This patented tech- ing material, eliminate standing baths, and mini-actuate and can be made of any construction nology provides direct and indirect cost savings mize drying. Because it significantly increasesmaterial for the most severe or simple applica- of 75% or greater over traditional manual inspec- sizing efficiency, the SFSS can double produc-tions. This cost-competitive new valve repre- tion methods, reduces the inspection process from tion throughput for improved profitability.sents a leap in technology that could make four weeks (or more) to a few days, eliminatescommon plug and ball valves obsolete for many worker exposure to hazardous conditions, andapplicationsparticularly those that are environ- enables tank owners to continue using their tanksmentally sensitive. during inspections, saving them tens of thousandsof dollars in previously lost revenue. Maverick277"