b'A C K N O W L E D G E M E N TSLibrarians sometimes take their helping work for granted, but the researchers theyhelp dont. I thank Teresa Oh and Bernice Kunkel at the INEEL TechnicalLibrary; Judy Krieger at the Argonne-West library; Alan Virta and Mary Austin atthe Boise State University Special Collections Library; Carol Silvers and all thereference librarians at the Idaho State Library; Judy Austin, Carolyn Bowler,Kathy Hodges, Linda Morton-Keithley, Angela Carney, and John Yandell at theIdaho State Historical Society Library.I asked Greg Hula to gather a group of people willing to review the manuscript fortechnical accuracy. This group began small and then grew. I would like to thankespecially C. Wayne Bills, Theron Bradley, Julie Braun, John Byrom, JohnCommander, Don Dahl, Bill Ginkel, Joe W. Henscheid, Greg Hula, Bill Jensen,Ron King, Jay Kunze, Leroy Lewis, Richard Lindsay, Brent Palmer, Bill Parmley,Paul Pugmire, Carl Robertson, Robert Stallman, Bob Starck, Harlin Summers,Tom Wichmann, and Diana Yupe. The late John Horan was the first in this group.It was my good fortune to have many hours of conversation with him. He was aperson of moral discernment, common sense, and great generosity of spirit. Hisdeath occurred just as the first chapters were materializing; he left far too soonand I have missed him very much. To him and his wife, Kathy Horan, I cannotadequately express my thanks.Talking with people connected with the Site as retirees, state officials, or currentemployees was the choicest part of this work. Many generously loaned me docu-ments and reports from their own collections. I thank them all: Tony Allen, BoydAnderson, Cecil D. Andrus, Al Anselmo, Jacqui Johnston Batie, Jerry Batie, RayBarnes, C. Wayne Bills, Brett Bohan, J. Robb Brady, Robert Brugger, JohnByrom, John Capek, David Cauffman, Terrell Carver, Jack Clark, Jack Combo,John Commander, Clay Condit, Beverly Cook, Deslonde deBoisblanc, DonDeming, Pete Dirkmaat, Kenhi Drewes, George Freund, Mary Freund, BillGinkel, Merle Griebenow, Clyde Hammond, Orval Hansen, Joe W. Hensheid,Kathy Horan, King House, Dennis Keiser, Larry Knight, Jay Kunze, GloriaLambson, Kay Lambson, Margaret Larsen, Orville Larsen, Leroy Lewis, JerryLyle, Phil McDonald, Mary McKnight, the late Fred McMillan, Clayton Marler,Dick Meservey, Michael Moore, Clay Nichols, Warren Nyer, Don Ofte, GordonOlsen, Hal Paige, Bernice Paige, Myrna Perry, Henry Peterson, Augustine Pitrolo,Susan Prestwich, Paul Pugmire, John Ray, Chuck Rice, Bryce Rich, Walter Sato,Bruce Schmalz, Jeff Schrade, Robert Skinner, Robert Smylie, Susan Stiger, HarlinSummers, John Taylor, Charles Till, Marvin Walker, George Wehmann, JohnWilcynski, Kirby Witham, and others. Then there were the members of the Arrowrock Group, historians MadelineBuckendorf, Barbara Perry Bauer, and Elizabeth Jacox, who provided documentsfrom their previous research and much personal encouragement; Jeff Bryant, whointroduced me to Chem Plant historical resources; Nolan Jensen, for photo inter-pretation and for a uranium rock sample; Eric Simpson of Bechtel BWXTsx i i i'