b'P ROVING THE P RINCIPLEWe had a captain from the Air Forceout there [at TAN] in charge, and peri -odically he would call me in town whenwe would not allow them to start up[because] the meteorology wasnt rightfor them to be running. He would.say,Im sitting here in my office lookingout and the flag is in the right directionand it is standing straight out andexactly meeting your conditions.Id reply, Im sorry, but that is not thesituation at 150 feet, where the effluentwill be released.The Air Force appealed unsuccessfullyto the AEC operations office atINEEL 59-5596 Cincinnati for relief. Horan continued: We told GE that they couldnt plan onusing their full 500 mR exposure off-site. We said, Yo ure allowed ten per -cent [of that]. To the public, the NRT Swas one site, and we interfaced with thepublic, not Cincinnati. We had to knowwhat was going up the stacks, and wehad to have shutdown authority.INEEL 59-5596 One time I was in the office [of the GEAbove. The hangar under construction in 1958. manager] and he said, By God, youMiddle. The hangar as it was completed in 1959. better not shut us down. And I said,Control building is shielded by earth. Access to Sam, you give us a reason to do it, andit was via a shielded tunnel. Right. The you will see itll be done.1 9Beetle. This manned, shielded vehiclewas designed for use in the hangar. Itspurpose was to remove the reactor and powerplants from the aircraft mockup, and eventually,from an actual aircraft. It was never usedin Idaho, but moved to the nuclearrocket program.1 2 4'