b'P ROVING THE P RINCIPLECommunity Relations group, for helping make connections; Roger Anders, whosent draft manuscript chapters of an in-progress volume on the history of theNuclear Regulatory Commission; Paul Zelos of Idaho State University for provid-ing back issues of Site Impact studies and other valuable bibliographical materials;John Simpson, for permission to quote from his book and for putting me in touchwith John Taylor; Jeanette Germain and Todd Thompson for editing; DinoLowrey, for making certain important arrangements; James M. Stacy and JohnMcKinley, who sent me several NRC documents; Hollie Gilbert, for help withArgonne photos and help with laughter. Thank you all.Many others from DOE or its contractors answered questions, sent reports, orfound photos. Every contact helped, and I am grateful.The people at the Cultural Resources Department of Lockheed Martin Idaho, nowBechtel BWXT Idaho, were of special help in this project. Clayton Marler,Suzanne Miller, and Julie Braun considered years ago that a history would be along-lasting way to commemorate INEELs 50th anniversary. They promoted theidea beyond their department and joined others, not all of whom are known to me,who shared the same view. Along with Greg Hula and others, they look like god-parents of a book. Beyond that, Julies personal encouragement and wise counselhave been graces in my life. Im plain lucky to have them.At home, my husband Ralph McAdams has kept our household from becoming aproof of entropy. Assuming more than his share of chores was the least of it; I ammost grateful for the island of peace, the cups of tea, the chocolate eclairs, and hisconstant loving support.x i v'