b'P ROVING THE P RINCIPLEA c k n o w l e d g m e n t sThe one-year horizon for preparing thisbook required some serious help from a lot of people. Greg Hula, the DOE/IDproject manager, asked DOE/IDs contractor Jason Associates to supply a lot of it.Nelson Soucek managed the project for Jason, sensitive always to the tensionbetween the deadlines that crowd and the space required to do work. I appreciatethe many quiet ways he kept these contending forces in a productive balance.Greg Hula was on the other side of that coin, and I thank him for the many wayshis kind patience, guidance, and astuteness helped to improve the manuscript.Jason placed Lori McNamara on the project as research assistant and photoresearcher. Lori and Kris Burnham compiled the information on historic NRTSreactors found in Appendix B. Assisted by Terese Nield, she located most of thephotos appearing in the book. This task took her into many private homes, and wethank all of those generous people, including Bertie Lee Marvel, Pat Gibson, theThomas Sutton family, the Ada Marcia Porter family, Orville and MargaretLarsen, and William Holden, Jr., who permitted the use of their photos.Kris Burnham also designed the book and cover. She, along with others at Jason,also undertook the task of preparing the index. In addition to her talent, Krisbrought her own considerable knowledge of NRTS/INEEL resources to bear onmany details of the book, for all of which I thank her.The INEEL Photo Lab was a major partner in this project. We are grateful toJoyce Lowman and the rest of the Photo Lab crew: Cindy Copeland, Mike Crane,and Ron Paarmann. My personal thanks to Joyce for giving me access to the spe-cial treasures she preserved over the years because she thought they might be use-ful someday. Her encouragement meant a lot to me.Thanks also to Jerry Russell of the Rock Island office of the U.S. Army Corps ofEngineers, Ed Hahn at Argonne-West, Dave Baurack of Argonne-East, Mary JaneFritzen of the Bonneville Historical Society, Kirk Clawson of the NationalOceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Marie Hallion of DOE Headquarters,who rendered additional help with photos, Clarence Mike of the IdahoTransportation Department, and Pixanna Walker of the Lost River Visitors Centerfor help locating people and pictures.x i i'