b'P ROVING THE P RINCIPLEINEL Idaho National Engineering Laboratory S5G submarine reactor, 5th prototype, General ElectricINEEL Idaho National Engineering and Environmental (Also known as the Natural Circulation Reactor)Laboratory SCRCE Spherical Cavity Reactor Critical ExperimentINFCE International Nuclear Fuel Cycle Evaluation SDI Strategic Defense InitiativeINTEC Idaho Nuclear Technology and EngineeringSIS Special Isotope SeparationsCenter SL-1 Stationary Low-Power ReactorIRC INEEL Research Center SM-1 Stationary Medium-Power ReactorISC INEEL Supercomputing Center SMC Specific Manufacturing CapabilityISU Idaho State University SNAP Systems for Nuclear Auxiliary PowerJCAE Joint Committee on Atomic Energy SPERT Special Power Excursion Reactor Test KAPL Knolls Atomic Power Laboratory STEP Safety Test Engineering ProgramLMFBR Liquid Metal Fast Breeder Reactor STR Submarine Thermal ReactorLOCA Loss-of-Coolant Accident (Also known as S1W or, Submarine reactor, 1st LOFT Loss of Fluid Test prototype, Westinghouse)MIT Massachusetts Institute of Technology STR Split Table ReactorML-1 Mobile Low-Power Reactor SUSIE Shield Test Pool FacilityMTR Materials Testing Reactor TAN Test Area NorthNaK eutectic alloy of sodium (Na) potassium (K) THRITS Thermal Idaho Reactor Test StationNAS National Academy of Science TMI Three Mile IslandNASA National Aeronautic and Space Administration TRA Test Reactor AreaNEPA National Environmental Policy Act TSA/B Technical Support BuildingNERI National Energy Research Initiative TREAT Transient Reactor TestNERP National Environmental Research Park TRU transuranicNOAA National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration U of I University of IdahoNPG Naval Proving Ground UAW United Auto WorkersNPR New Production Reactor UP&L Utah Power and LightNRAD Neutron Radiography Facility USGS United States Geological SurveyNRC Nuclear Regulatory Commission USSR Union of Soviet Socialist RepublicsNRF Naval Reactors Facility WAG Waste Area GroupNRTS National Reactor Testing Station WBRR Western Beam Research ReactorNSF National Science Foundation WCB Willow Creek BuildingNWCF New Waste Calcining Facility WCF Waste Calcining FacilityOAC operating area confinement WERF Waste Experimental Reduction FacilityOMRE Organic Moderated Reactor Experiment WIPP Waste Isolation Pilot PlantOU operable unit WOW Woman Ordnance WorkerPBF Power Burst Facility ZPR Zero Power ReactorRAF Remote Analytical Facility ZPPR Zero Power Physics ReactorRaLa radioactive lanthanum (Previously known as the Zero Power Plutonium RIA reactivity-initiated accidents Reactor)REM roentgen equivalent manRMF Reactivity Measurement FacilityRWMC Radioactive Waste Management Complex306'