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This also is source for one million gallons of stored waste wassecond tape was named Cassette Tape # 2. sidebar, p. 98, Memories of an Operator noted in a letter from John B. Huff to HenryNo copies of the tape were found, nor the Helper at the Chem Plant. Dworshak, August 18, 1958, IHS, Ms. 84,name of the interviewer.Transcript supplied 12. R.B. Lemon and D.G. Reid, Experience Box 83, File: AEC-Idaho Plant. Genevato author by Jeff Bryant of INTEC (Chem With a Direct Maintenance Radiochemical Conference ICPPReport, p. 534, says low-Plant). Processing Plant, Proceedings of the activity waste was discharged directly to2. Don Reid, Cassette Tape # 1, 14, 16. International Conference on the Peaceful the ground. Boron is a neutron poison, aUses of Atomic EnergyVolume 9 (Geneva: material that absorbs neutrons and helps3. (AEC plans) Don Reid, Cassette Tape # 1, United Nations, 1956), 536. prevent accidental criticalities.14-17. In a bomb detonation, tritium 13. 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No. Rigstad, ICPPEnvironmental Impact Emergencies, delivered at a Conference in0720687; to George Brown from Ray Statement, 1973, a draft manuscript Idaho Falls on February 23, 1958, HREXKnapp, May 3, 1950, HREX Doc. No. supplied to author by Jeff Bryant, p. 17. The Doc. No. 704450; (procedures in early years0720685. change was stimulated by more stringent of RaLa runs prior to addition of filtration8. The hexone process was called REDOX; the packaging and shipping requirements. equipment) John Horan, interview withtributyl phosphate process, PUREX. In the 18. Dieter Knecht, et al, Historical Fuel Harrop and Shonka, Summer 1994, pp. 2, 4-history of the Chem Plant, there were three Reprocessing and HLW Management in 6; (iodine retention), Phillips Petroleumaccidental criticalities. Idaho, Radwaste Magazine(May 1997): Company, Idaho Chemical Processing Plant40. See also Richard K. Lester and David J. (Idaho Falls: PPCo, n.d., but circa 1965), 33.9. 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