b'A P P E N D I X CRunNumber Fuel Process Period21 BGRR, NRX, McMasters, NRU, NRL, SWE, IRL, University of MichiganFNR, GTR, MTR, OWR, LPTR, LITR, UF, ETR, CP-5, STR, SPERT, NASA 6-64 to 12-64Cold Zr, unirradiated Zr scrap, PWR Core I Seed I,Zr, EBR-I Core 3 codissolution, EBR-I Core 3, SNAPTRAN 2/10A-3 core debris 1-6522 VBWR, Atomics International UO 2 SO 4 4-65 to 6-6523 Cold from ATR, MTR, ETR, and SPERT; MTR, ETR,LITR, LPTR, OWR, SPERT, GTR, ASTR, GETR, EBR-II Vycor glass, EBR-I Mark 2, plastic-coated Al fuel plates12-65 to 1-6624 JRR-2 Core 1, NRX, NRU, BGRR, EBR-II Vycor glass,JRR-2 Cores 2 and 3 3-67 to 9-6725 MTR, WSU, ETR, LITR, LPTR, OWR, GTR, CP-5, SER, IRL, GETR, NRL, graphite leaching, Zr, EBR-II Vycor glass 4-68 to 6-6826 Zr, MTR, ETR, GETR, Korean, SER, LITR, AFNETR,JRR-2, KUR, LPTR, OWR, ATR, SPERT, ZPR-III, SNAPTRAN 2/10-2 debris8-69 to 10-69ETR types 1-70 to 4-7027 Zr, JRR-2 (6 batches), EBR-II scrap, WADCO 2-71 to 7-7128 Zr, ETR, custom miscellaneous 6-72 to 9-7229 EBR-II, EBR-II slurry and denitrator product 1-73 to 5-7330 Zr, GETR, ATR, MTR, MTR 20%, TRAscrap, JRR, ETR, CP-5, OWR, JMTR, Juggernaut, KUR, UM, SER, LPTR, EBR-II Vycor glass, G.G.A. Thermionic, ETRC plates, University of Wyoming UO 2 SO 4 ,Atomics International fission disc, HTRE scrap, Walter Reed Army Hospital, Nuclear Test Gauge/Split Table Reactor, HTGR secondary burner ash leaching, BMLfission disc2-74 to 5-7431 EBR-II, APPR cold fuel scrap 2-75 to 5-7532 Zr, PWR5-76 to 9-7633 Godiva reactor fuel, HTRE, ATR, MTR, LPT, ETR, GETR3-77 to 6-7727 1'