b'P ROVING THE P RINCIPLEnection to Arco while others had a birds Argonne sent Arco a dispatch, hoping from 1956 to 1967, gradually increas-eye view from the butte overlooking the the citizens heard the news before the ing its power level and reliability to thetown. Film crews recorded everything. rest of the world. The same film played point where it supplied electricity forat 2 p.m. in Arco, the screening adver- the entire Argonne Lab. By 1958, exec-Argonne kept the news from Arco for a tised by word of mouth and a car with a utives from General Electric wereweek while Walter Zinn and the rest of loudspeaker. Two hundred people telling Senator Dworshak that boilingArgonnes Geneva delegation prepared showed up and promised to keep the water reactors would be competitiveto make a splash in Geneva. On the secret until after the story was officially with new fossil fuel plants by 1970. 11morning of August 12, seventy-two del- released a few hours later. Back inegates saw the fifteen-minute film while Geneva the international witnesses were The BORAX series demonstrated to theon hand in the post-film buzz to affirm AEC that the deliberate inducement ofthe credibility of the story. The Soviet power excursions and the deliberateUnion, undoubtedly feeling upstaged, choking of coolant could be testedasserted that it hadnt happened. But under controlled conditions without dis-Arco believed it, delighted. 10 aster and would provide useful safetyinformation. Soon the AEC approvedThe BORAX tests continued through programs for pressurized water reactors1964. BORAX-V demonstrated the and breeder reactors, and a parade ofsafety aspects of reheating steam gener- safety test reactors followed BORAX toated by boiling water (superheated the NRTS. 12steam), potentially an improvement inthe efficient generation of electricity. By 1953, AEC Headquarters itself wasArgonne went on to design, build, and preparing for the review and licensingimprove the countrys first boiling activities that a commercial industrywater power plant, the Experimental would eventually require. It created anBoiling Water Reactor (EBWR), at the Advisory Committee on ReactorArgonne Lab in Illinois. The plant ran Safeguards (ACRS). The AEC andINEEL 55-2349 industry both were represented on thisbody, which concerned itself with thelocation of reactors, their operationalsafety, radioactive fallout, and othersafety issues. Dr. Doan became a mem-ber of this committee. 13Above. Clarence W. Byrne, local agent for UtahPower and Light Company at the Arco substationswitch on July 17, 1955. Left. The view from thebutte above Arco the same night.INEEL 55-23511 3 2'