b'A P P E N D I X CP ro cessing Runs, Idaho Chemical Pro cessing PlantB etween 1953 and 1988 the Chem Plantrecovered from spent reactor fuel 31,432 kilograms of uranium containing uranium-235. At times, the plant also recovered radioactive lanthanum (RaLa), neptunium, andradioactive krypton and xenon for use by private industry or other nuclear facilities.Among the more frequent sources of fuel were the MTR, ETR, ATR, and STR(S1W), ZPR-III, EBR-I, and EBR-IIall NRTS/INEL/INEEL reactors. In addi-tion, the plant processed SL-1 fuel, SNAPTRAN debris, and fuel from OMRE,BORAX, and SPERT reactors, and other test materials. The largest single sourceof reprocessed fuel was from naval nuclear propulsion reactors: prototype reactors,submarines, cruisers, and other vesselsOther sources included SRP (Savannah River Plant), Hanford, LITR (LowIntensity Test Reactor, Oak Ridge), SIR (Submarine Intermediate Reactor), OWR(Omega West Reactor, Los Alamos), GETR (General Electric Test Reactor), LPTR(Livermore Pool-type Reactor), BGRR (Brookhaven Graphite Research Reactor),ASTR (Aerospace Systems Test Reactor), JRR (Japanese Research Reactor), NRX(Nuclear Engine Reactor Experiment, Jackass Flats, Nevada), SER (SandiaEngineering Reactor), KUR (Kyoto University Reactor), STIR (Shielding TestsIrradiation Reactor), ORR (Oak Ridge Research Reactor), JANUS (BiologicalResearch Reactor, Argonne National Laboratory), BMI Reactor (Battelle MemorialInstitute of Columbus, Ohio) ML-1 (Mobile Low-Power Reactor), SFR(Segmented Fast Reactor), and many other university and research reactors.RunNumber Fuel Process Period1 Hanford C and J slugs 2-53 to 8-532 MTR, LITR, NRX, ORNLshielding 10-53 to 12-53Cold test EBR-I Core 1 7-54 to 7-543 EBR-I Core 1, NPCold Run, MTR, LITR, BORAX, BORAX scrap, Hanford C and J slugs 7-54 to 2-5526 9'