b'P ROVING THE P RINCIPLERunNumber Fuel Process Period34 EBR-II, OMRE, SPERT, ORNL-17-1, BMI, Kinglet, Sandia (Godiva reactors), PBF metallurgical samples 8-77 to 9-7735 Zr, custom 7-78 to 3-7936 Zr, Rocky Flats U 3 O 8 , GETR, OWR, STIR, LPTR, UCLA-MTR, ATR, ETR, ATR-XA 9-80 to 3-8137 EBR-II, Los Alamos metal fuel scrap, Rocky Flats U 3 O 8 , Rover cold 8-81 to 11-8138 ETR, BSR, ATR, OWR, ORR, HFR-PETTEN, SAPHIR, GETR, FRG, FRJ/FRM, SFR, UO 2 SO 4 9-82 to 11-8239 Rover, Sandia, Rocky Flats, cold FLUORINEL, FLUORINEL Phase 1 cold run 4-83 to 6-8440 ITAL, FRG, DR-3, UCLA, MURR, OWR, HFBR, LPTR, TR-1, ATR, BSR, ORR, HMI, Triton, FRJ-2, HRF, BR-2, ORPHEE, ASTRA, SRF, R-2, JUNTA, McMaster, JRR-2, JMTR, JANUS, SR, UCSB UO 2 SO 4 , FLUORINELPhase II cold run, FLUORINEL pilot plant8-85 to 1-8641 FLUORINEL 10-86 to 10-8742 FLUORINEL, EBR-II Vycor glass, BYU UO 2 SO 4 ,EBR-II fuel scrap, ANL-E fuel scrap 12-87 to 7-88Sources: M.D. Staiger, Calcine Waste Storage at the Idaho Nuclear Technology and Engineering Center,Report No. INEEL/EXT-98-00455 (Idaho Falls: Lockheed Martin, June 1999), Appendix pp. A-163to A-168.Dieter Knecht, et al., Historical Fuel Reprocessing and HLW Management in Idaho, RadwasteMagazine(May 1997).Leroy Lewis, Science and Engineering Fellow, Bechtel BWXT Idaho, contributed corrections to thelists published in the above two documents.27 2'