b'C HAPTER S IXTEENT H E A FT E R M A T HThe development of atomic energy will of a certainty continue to achieve for mankinds benefitnew goals that now challenge the imagination. Distressing as this tragic ence surelyoccurrmust be, it is to be observed that it came under such circumstances of time and place as to make certain the prevention of a disaster that could be much worse. It [is] progress that should be generally recognized and accepted with fortitude.Editor,Idaho Daily Statesman, January 6, 1961E ditorial comment in Boises Idaho Daily Statesmanmen- this as the first to cause loss of life.tioned other atomic mishaps at the Later the Statesmaninstructed the read-NRTSthe EBR-I meltdown, an er on the distinction between nuclearIdaho and other newspapers categorized unplanned 1958 excursion in the and chemical blasts and described thethe SL-1 accident as a regrettable HTRE-1, and a criticality at the Chem mechanism of an excursion, or run-mishap, an inevitable occurrence if soci- Plant in October 1959and marked away, and the role of control rods inety were to accrue controlling a chainthe benefits of a reaction. 2new technology. Afew by-lined Newspapers fol-reporters tended lowed the story fortoward emotional about two weeksmetaphors, one and then the arti-characterizing the cles trailed off. reactor as a mon- Reporters describedster that had bro- the Army missionken loose for only a for the new stylemoment and r e act o r, the location destroyed three of and extent of theits keepers. But radiation hazard,such excess was the public safety, andexception. Some the unfoldingeditors followed the understanding thatemotional lead of the accident was asoutheast Idaho cit- nuclear excursion.izens. Wrote one, DOE/ID 12119 Vol. 1 As the bodies wereThe fact that citizens of Arco and other Dose reconstruction project in 1991 identified identified and recovered, the reporterscommunities in that area of Idaho are probable path of I-131 plume released by SL-1 described the unique interment planssleeping undisturbed by worry over such accident. for the victims. 3accidents is a comfort to the rest of us. 11 5 0'