b'About the AuthorE ducated at Georgetown University andthe University of Pittsburgh, Susan M. Stacy became a resident of Boise, Idaho,in 1973, She became interested in historical research while serving the City ofBoise as director of the Boise City Planning Department from 1979 to 1986.She returned to school, obtained a Master of History at Boise State University,and began a career as a research historian and author. Proving the Principleisher fourth book, the others being When the River Rises, Flood Control on theBoise River, 1943-1985; Conversations, ACompanion Book to Idaho PublicTelevisions Proceeding On Through a Beautiful Countr; and y Legacy of Light,AHistory of the Idaho Power Company. In addition to writing full-lengthbooks, she does historical research for reports, biographies, photographicexhibits, National Register nominations, Historic American Engineering Recordand Historic American Building Survey reports, and other historical research forpublic, corporate, legal, and private clients.3 2 5'