b'A c ro n y m s630-A High Temperature Marine Propulsion Reactor EBR Experimental Breeder Reactor710 Fast Spectrum Refractory Metals Reactor EBOR Experimental Beryllium Oxide ReactorA1W Aircraft carrier, first prototype, Westinghouse EBWR Experimental Boiling Water Reactor(Also known as the Large Ship Reactor A and B) ECCS Emergency Core Cooling SystemA/E architect/engineering ECF Expended Core FacilityACRS Advisory Committee on Reactor Safeguards EINIC East Idaho Nuclear Industry CouncilAEC Atomic Energy Commission EIS Environmental Impact StatementAFSR Argonne Fast Source Reactor EOCR Experimental Organic Cooled ReactorAI Atomics International EPA Environmental Protection AgencyANC Aerojet Nuclear Corporation ERDA Energy Research and Development AdministrationANP Aircraft Nuclear Propulsion EROB Engineering Research Office BuildingARA Army Reactor Area, (Later Auxiliary Reactor Area) ETR Engineering Test ReactorAREA Army Reactor Experimental Area ETRC Engineering Test Reactor Critical FacilityARMF Advanced Reactivity Measurement FacilityFARET Fast Reactor Test FacilityATR Advanced Test Reactor FCF Fuel Cycle FacilityATRC Advanced Test Reactor Critical Facility FET Flight Engine TestATWS Anticipated Transients Without Scrams FFTF Fast-Flux Test FacilityBORAX Boiling Water Reactor Experiment FLECHT Full-length Emergency Core Heating TestsBPA Bonneville Power Administration FPC Federal Power CommissionCE Combustion Engineering FRAN Nuclear Effects ReactorCERCLA Comprehensive Environmental Response,FRAP Fuel Rod Analysis ProgramCompensation, and Liability Act FWPCA Federal Water Pollution Control AdministrationCERT Controlled Environmental Radioiodine Tests GCRE Gas Cooled Reactor ExperimentCET Critical Experiment Tank GE General ElectricCFA Central Facilities Area HOTCE Hot Critical ExperimentCFRMF Coupled Fast Reactivity Measurement Facility HP health physicistCP-1 Chicago Pile Number One HTRE Heat Transfer Reactor ExperimentCPP Chemical Processing Plant ICPP Idaho Chemical Processing PlantCRADA Cooperative Research and Development Agreement IDO Idaho Operations OfficeCRCE Cavity Reactor Critical Experiment IDWR Idaho Department of Water ResourcesDEW Distant Early Warning System IET Initial Engine TestDoD Department of Defense IFR Integral Fast ReactorDOE Department of Energy INC Idaho Nuclear CorporationDOE-ID Department of Energy-Idaho Operations Office INEC Idaho Nuclear Energy Commission3 0 5'