6 Leadership NATIONAL Supporting nuclear energy innovation The Gateway for Accelerated Innovation in Nuclear (GAIN) initiative is now in its fourth year supporting private- public technical partnerships. In FY 2018, 12 U.S. companies won Nuclear Energy Voucher awards providing access to world-class national laboratory expertise and capabilities. NE vouchers ranging from $50,000 to $500,000 help businesses overcome critical technology and commercialization challenges. More than 40 outreach presentations were given across the country to both nuclear and non-nuclear audiences. GAIN organized industry workshops to discuss needs related to modeling and simulation, digital instruments and controls, economics, and nuclear advocacy. The Advanced Nuclear Directory of developers and suppliers was issued in partnership with the national think tank Third Way and U.S. Nuclear Industry Council. Training for radiological event recovery INL established a unique training and technology evaluation environment to support the radiological response community. INL hosted, coordinated, and provided expertise and innovative technologies to complete the two-week 2018 Huckleberry Hustle event on INL’s Radiological Response Training Range. The event involved collaborative teams from four national laboratories, the United Kingdom’s Atomic Weapons Establishment, the United States Military Academy, the Nevada National Security Site, the National Guard Bureau and the Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA). The event demonstrated technologies supporting post-detonation collection and field forensic analysis capabilities within a realistic radiation environment. The exercise featured 12 explosive events, six of which were simulated radiological dispersal devices, and an unmanned aircraft systems swarm over INL’s test range. Nuclear debris detection and analysis were advanced through the field deployment of several patent-pending INL technologies — including a novel forensic-sample collector, simulated fission-debris-dispersal materials and fission-product measurement standards.