Collaborations NOTABLE 10 Recycling nuclear fuel A groundbreaking collaboration with South Korea realized several milestones in FY 2018. Using a suite of newly installed equipment in INL’s Hot Fuel Examination Facility, INL experts cast the first-ever metallic fuel produced from recycled oxide fuel. Then, an experiment using the recycled fuel was designed, fabricated and installed in the Advanced Test Reactor. The first-of-its- kind effort is part of the Joint Fuel Cycle Study between INL and South Korea to investigate technology options for closing the nuclear fuel cycle. The Integrated Recycling Test experiment used recovered transuranic feedstock from recycled mixed oxide fuel. Strengthening worldwide nuclear security The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) provided international training designed to protect nuclear facilities from the growing threat of cyberattacks. Developed with DOE’s NNSA and hosted by INL, the course was the first in an IAEA series focusing on raising awareness of the threat posed by cyberattacks. The course convened 37 participants from 13 countries for two weeks of immersive training on best practices in computer security. Participants in IAEA nuclear cybersecurity training at INL Coping with research reactor loss The shutdown of a 60-year-old test reactor at Halden, Norway, puts nuclear fuels and materials testing in the U.S. and Europe in a bind. INL hosted a workshop to establish the impact of its closure, identify resulting gaps and discuss potential testing alternatives at facilities around the world. Workshop participants included representatives from DOE, the NRC, national laboratories, nuclear vendors, and American and European research agencies and test facilities.