27 Modernizing nuclear plants As the nuclear energy industry extends the life of its existing plants, upgrades include transitioning processes from paper to digital. An INL- developed procedure continues to gain industry interest. ELINA (Electronic Instructions for Nuclear Applications) visually guides workers through each step of a process, validating inputs and outcomes before moving on to the next step. It simplifies complex paper-based procedures and ensures safe reduction of operation and maintenance costs. After participating in the DOE Energy I-Corps Program to determine the technology’s commercial possibilities, the team was invited to pilot ELINA with one of the nation’s largest commercial nuclear energy providers. They also will apply it to the electric grid industry in collaboration with Western Area Power Administration. Elevating INL’s national profile INL grid strategist Andy Bochman worked with a Harvard Business Review editor to develop the article, “The Limitations of Cyber Hygiene.” The piece received substantial media coverage, including in The Wall Street Journal, Politico, Axios, IoT Institute, CyberWire, Cheddar TV and a guest opinion in The Hill. Bochman also participated in The End of Cybersecurity, a Harvard Business Review webinar discussing Consequence-driven Cyber-informed Engineering (CCE) methodology titled “How to Reframe Your Cybersecurity Strategy.” Katya LeBlanc and Johanna Oxstrand are developing Electronic Instructions for Nuclear Applications (ELINA).