Capabilities GROWING Accelerating grid modernization INL now provides resources that are critical to improve the efficiency of development, validation, standardization and adoption of new grid technologies. Together with Sandia National Laboratories, INL established the Public User Library for Systems Evaluation of grid-related devices (gridPULSE) to foster access to the nation’s comprehensive testing infrastructure and a model library. It provides the ability to integrate vast capabilities available within national laboratories, universities and industry into more effective multi- institutional test beds that can handle systems-level testing and validation with live data. 14 Integrated energy systems could turn excess energy from today’s thermoelectric power plants into a valuable commodity: heat for industrial processes such as making hydrogen. Last year, INL began building the second component of its Dynamic EnergyTransport and Integration Laboratory: a 25-kilowatt HighTemperature Electrolysis (HTE) test stand for hydrogen production.