24 Technology Ensuring treaty compliance Once the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty is ratified, the international community will need advanced tools to ensure compliance. The Osiris (On-Site Inspection RadioIsotopic Spectroscopy) technology developed by INL is a portable, rugged gamma ray spectroscopy system for underground nuclear explosion detection. Osiris can be taken anywhere in the world to detect the evidence of underground nuclear explosions most sensitively. Because different countries may disagree about which radioisotopes at a test site raise security concerns, Osiris uses a data filter to limit the information it collects to 17 fission-product radioisotopes, all byproducts of nuclear explosions, agreed upon by international technical experts. The technology won a 2018 R&D 100 Award. Diverting control system hackers INL’s Autonomic Intelligent Cyber Sensor is a network security and information system that uses artificial intelligence to help industries rapidly identify and divert hackers to protect critical systems and infrastructure. Following installation on an industrial control system and an initial learning phase, AICS automatically updates what it knows about a control system, adapting and remapping as it goes. AICS sets up and continually updates decoy virtual hosts — honeypots — to distract attackers from targets, giving asset owners the ability to gather information that can help identify both a hacking threat and a potentially compromised system. AICS earned a 2018 Federal Laboratory Consortium Far West Regional Outstanding Technology Development award and a 2018 R&D 100 Award. INNOVATION & DEPLOYMENT Osiris (On-Site Inspection Radio- Isotopic Spectroscopy)