12 Capabilities INL continues to acquire infrastructure and advanced tools for state- of-the-art research. Our diverse capabilities allow INL to respond to today‘s nuclear energy challenges and to serve as a multiprogram laboratory with broad energy and national security competencies for addressing the nation’s current and future energy goals. GROWING Safely storing low-level waste The newly constructed Remote- Handled Low-Level Waste Disposal Facility was declared operational in 2018. It provides long-term stability for materials traditionally disposed at the Site’s Radioactive Waste Management Complex. Now, those materials will be placed in stainless steel containers loaded into underground concrete vaults. The project represents completion of the first capital construction project greater than $20 million and DOE-NE’s first line item capital construction project greater than $20 million in more than 20 years. The new facility is critical for continuing INL and Naval Reactors missions. It is also strategically important to future INL capability investments. The Remote-Handled Low-Level Waste Disposal Facility