30 Leadership REGIONAL Hosting summer faculty The Center for Advanced Energy Studies (CAES) in June launched its inaugural Visiting Summer Faculty program. CAES is a research, education and innovation consortium composed of INL, Boise State University, Idaho State University, University of Idaho and University of Wyoming. The center provided funding for six faculty members from CAES-affiliated universities to spend a week at INL working with a laboratory researcher on a proposal. The six teams worked on their proposals throughout the summer, then returned to CAES in August to present white papers and proposals. Participants included Mike Hurley from Boise State University, Jon Brant from the University of Wyoming, and David Arcilesi, Mike McKellar, Dakota Roberson, and Michael Haney from the University of Idaho. Finding efficiencies in the food industry CAES leaders are teaming to create a new research, development and education center for the food processing industry. A meeting in Portland, Oregon, about the center was held by leaders from CAES, University of Idaho and Food Northwest, one of the nation’s largest food industry trade associations. The proposed center will operate as a consortium between Food Northwest member companies and university- national laboratory research teams. Together they will develop technology and training programs to reduce the industry’s energy and water consumption. The center will be located at CAES and managed by the University of Idaho. An industrial advisory board of food industry professionals will guide the center’s direction, while CAES members will collaborate on grant proposals to fund research, development and education initiatives.