Recognizing Expertise Richard Boardman received a 2018 DOE Hydrogen and Fuel Cells Program R&D Award “for exceptional efforts and visionary leadership on the groundbreaking H2@Scale initiative.” Erin Searcy was nominated for the Oppenheimer Science and Energy Leadership Program, which exposes the next generation of DOE leaders to the broader scientific, policy and energy ecosystem in which the national labs operate. Jaya Tumuluru received the 2018 Asian American Engineer of the Year award for sustained outstanding contributions at INL and exceptional services to the scientific and engineering community. 23 Detecting battery defects The multibillion-dollar lithium-ion battery industry and battery users have lacked a fast, affordable method for detecting internal shorts in cells, which can lead to fires, explosions and toxic discharges. INL’s Battery Health Sentry can scout out internal shorts long before they lead to catastrophic failure, which in turn improves manufacturer quality control, battery performance and consumer safety. The method is based on rapid self- discharge measurements, allowing it to detect shorts not just in single cells but within battery architectures consisting of several parallel strings. It is applicable to any battery chemistry or design and a variety of user applications. The patented technology was a finalist in the 2018 R&D 100 Awards.