9 NSUF: By the Numbers The Nuclear Science User Facilities (NSUF) based at INL offer unparalleled research opportunities for nuclear energy researchers. Users get access (at no cost to the researcher) to world-class nuclear research facilities, technical expertise from experienced scientists and engineers, and assistance with experiment design, assembly, safety analysis and examination. Here are some updates from last year. WHO WILL WORK WITH THE NSUF ON THE PROPOSED EXPERIMENTS? 71 PRINCIPAL INVESTIGATORS FROM UNIVERSITIES 33 FROM NATIONAL LABORATORIES 4 FROM PRIVATE INDUSTRY 6 FROM FOREIGN INSTITUTIONS VALUE OF 105 NEW NSUF RAPID TURNAROUND EXPERIMENT (RTE) PROJECTS $5.25 MILLION INCREASE IN RTE PROJECT PROPOSALS COMPARED TO FY 2017 156% NUMBER OF PROPOSALS FOR RTE EXPERIMENTS 280 NEW PRINCIPAL INVESTIGATORS (PIs) RECEIVING AWARDS IN FY18 FIFTY