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6 Light Water Reactor Sustainability A number of the MOOSE applications support the DOEs Light Water Reactor Sustainability LWRS program. For example INL is leading work to enable a more accurate representation of a nuclear power plants safety margin. The programs Risk-Informed Safety Margin Characterization Pathway is developing a toolkit that includes the MOOSE-based applications RAVEN Peacock and Grizzly. The Grizzly application for example aims to provide precise information about the aging of components such as reactor pressure vessels and the impact of that aging on safety margins. INL leads the LWRS programs Technical Integration Office TIO and three of the four technical pathways. Planning execution and implementation of the LWRS program are coordinated with the nuclear industrywith the Electric Power Research Institute as a major partnerthe Nuclear Regulatory Commission universities and related DOE RD programs. In January 2012 the TIO issued an Integrated Program Plan describing the programs objectives technical plans and interfaces with industry partners and other DOE programs. Nuclear separations Part of the DOEs Fuel Cycle Technology research program focuses on the processing of used nuclear fuel into useable material and stable waste forms. This year the DOE-NE Separations and Waste Forms campaign underwent an extensive relevancy review by a preeminent panel of independent experts. NASAs Curiosity rover landed successfully on Mars and has been collecting data and sending back images thanks to its nuclear heat and power system which was assembled and tested at INL.This year the DOE designated INLs Stephen Johnson to lead the newly established Technical Integration Office for the DOEs Office of Space and Defense Power Systems. LeadershipNuclear cont.