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Enhancing energy storage Performance testing of energy storage devices is critical to the large-scale deployment of renewable energy and advanced vehicles. INL is regarded as a leading national laboratory in energy storage testing and analysis. It has a proven record of accomplishment in evaluating advanced energy storage devices and developing test and analysis procedures. In addition the U.S. Department of Transportation and the DOE enlisted INL to work with the National Fire Protection Association to update emergency response procedures for electric vehicle battery incidents. The DOE recognized the labs expertise in advanced vehicle and energy storage technology by including INL in the invitation-only DOE Electric Vehicle EV Everywhere Planning Meeting with Energy Secretary Steven Chu. The EV Everywhere Challenge is a DOE Clean Energy Grand Challenge instead on biomass. For example INL is working with the Electric Power Research Institute EPRI to analyze and demonstrate the feasibility of supplementing and substituting biomass for coal in electrical utility boilers. The team will analyze sustainable biopower co-firing biomass processing assembly and supply and combustion tests. INL is also working with EPRI to develop biomass feeder material for potential co- firing tests in Alabama and Oregon. INL is testing and analyzing biomass feeder materials that could be used to convert the Boardman Ore. coal-fired plant to a biomass-fired plant. The lab is working with Pacific Gas and Electric Company and EPRI to convert energy crops being developed by PGE into feedstocks that could be burned in the Boardman plant. The team is preparing for a trial-burn of biomass in FY 2014. This project enables a major Northwest utility to develop clean energy options that help meet state of Oregon renewable energy portfolio standards more biofuels on pg. 35. that strives to enable U.S. companies to be the first in the world to produce affordable and convenient plug-in electric vehicles within the next 10 years more advanced vehicles and energy storage on pg. 34. Optimizing biofuels production INL has been involved in several efforts that are helping private companies convert coal-fired power plants to run 13