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32 TechnologyAdvancing Global Security Scrutinizing nuclear fuel casks An INL invention helping the IAEA develop the capability to verify the contents of nuclear fuel dry casks is being demonstrated in Belgium. The Compton Dry-Cask Imaging Scanner above enables inspectors to discern the contents of a nuclear fuel storage cask without having to open it. The device sits atop a closed cask scans each of its storage slots and uses gamma rays to reveal the Safeguarding soldiers and materials INLs explosives test range and Radiological Response Training Range enable unmatched testing and training opportunities that benefit the nations soldiers and first-responders. Building upon its core expertise in nuclear fuel and civilian nuclear energy technologies INL has become an international resource for securing nuclear material. presence or absence of fuel rods at each position. The device allows inspectors to independently verify storage records without having to open the casks. It also can help when records arent available or reliable. Visualizing bullet impacts INL enhanced its National Security Test Range by installing a flash X-ray system. This new capability allows stop- motion imaging of bullets penetrating targets below and other dynamic events that cant be imaged using conventional high-speed video techniques. The capability will improve researchers understanding of dynamic ballistic and explosive events enabling better numerical modeling and improved armor designs.