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15 Analysis Program RELAP. The latest licensed version RELAP5-3D Version 4.x allows users to model the coupled behavior of the reactor core and coolant system for various conditions and possible accidents. In FY 2012 the number of active RELAP5-3D licenses increased to 64 active licenses that include more than two dozen foreign entities. Testing fuels and materials The nuclear fission process and high radiation fields inside a reactor affect the performance of nuclear fuels and reactor materials. Companies can contract for access to INL material irradiation capabilities at the Advanced Test Reactor and post irradiation examination PIE and other capabilities at Materials Fuels Complex to help test and evaluate these effects. Examples include nuclear fuel work with Westinghouse Electric Company and TerraPower LLC and component material testing with Curtiss- Wright Corporation. Sustaining the fleet U.S. energy security requires the nations nuclear reactor fleet 104 reactors supplying nearly 20 percent of U.S. electricity to continue safe operation long into the future. INL has a critical role in the DOEs Light Water Reactor Sustainability Program which works with the nuclear energy industry on technology RD needs of common interest such as studying material properties for light water reactor life extension. The programs partners include the nonprofit Electric Power Research Institute and more than 30 private companies. 15 Enhancing accident tolerance INL provides technical expertise and laboratory facilities to design advanced nuclear reactors and fuels that can tolerate damage under extreme circumstances such as loss of coolant accident scenarios. Specifically such systems would operate as well as current options but be able to tolerate loss of active cooling for longer periods of time. For example INL is part of a research team that is developing a high-power reactor concept with inherent safety features. The team which includes Westinghouse Electric Company and Southern Nuclear Operating Company is receiving DOE research funding. INL also is part of a university research team that received DOE funding to fabricate and evaluate new cladding for fuel with enhanced accident tolerance. Informing reactor design A long history designing and building reactors at INL has provided a wealth of knowledge. Established companies such as Babcock Wilcox Nuclear Energy Inc. BW and startup companies such as NuScale Power Inc. seek to learn from the labs experience. INL has pending and established agreements with many companies to provide technical expertise. Such information can help companies develop both small and large advanced reactor designs. Analyzing reactor safety INL has developed the industrys premier modeling tools for reactor and fuel development and has licensed these tools for use around the world. The most famous is the Reactor Excursion and Leak The Department of Energy has a long tradition of making national lab capabilities available to businesses developing new technologies. INL helps advance the nuclear industry by sharing its analyses and expertise with utilities reactor vendors fuel providers and companies ranging from startups to industry leaders. Here are some of the companies that established collaborations with INL in FY 2012.