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Collaborations With... Idaho Falls Power INL is working with its local electric company on numerous energy research projects. For one Idaho Falls Power has participated in beta-testing and demonstration of INL cybersecurity technologies and software that can help utilities protect their control systems. INL researchers also helped develop and evaluate the network Idaho Falls Power devised to accommodate its participation in the Pacific Northwest Smart Grid Demonstration Project. Finally a 18 collaboration between researchers with the Center for Advanced Energy Studies at INL the Idaho Falls School District and Idaho Falls Power is collecting and analyzing data from three wind projects and three solar projects all of which feed into the utilitys electric grid. University researchers The Advanced Test Reactor ATR National Scientific User Facility NSUF continued to grow in FY 2012. User facility experiments were performed in four of the partner facilities and three new partner facilities were added to the program. User facility research including irradiation and materials property measurement experiments could help regulators refine safety margins for continued safe operation of the nations current reactors. New capabilities at Purdue University Pacific Northwest National Laboratory and Oak Ridge National Laboratory bring to 15 the number of unique capabilities accessible through the user facility. INL proposed championed and implemented DOEs Nuclear Energy University Programs to strengthen U.S. nuclear science and engineering education and to coordinate research efforts. In 2012 the program was administering more than 47 million Academia and others National labs exist partially to conduct research and development that isnt right for industry or academia. But close partnerships with these and other entities help ensure transition of research into nationally significant results. Such collaborations grow every year and in FY 2012 INL realized a 10 percent increase in university collaborations as graduate students were authorized to complete research at INL facilities. In FY 2012 a record 1500 students applied for internships at INL. About 200 students including 36 graduate students and 20 doctoral candidates interned at the lab last year. For the fourth consecutive year INL was among institutions recognized in the independentVault Guide to top internships.