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19 awarded to 46 colleges and universities. Awards included 39 undergraduate fellowships 31 fellowships 26 grants for infrastructure and reactor upgrades and 48 RD projects. Since 2009 NEUP has awarded 219 million to 81 schools in 34 states and the District of Columbia. Grid protection A first-of-its-kind gathering of DOE policy and technical experts the U.S. intelligence community and industry discussed how to protect the nations power and distribution system from emerging threats. INL hosted the Grid Protection workshop which was sponsored by DOEs Office of Intelligence and Counterintelligence. It provided a forum to discuss threats information sharing and future technology needs. This interaction typifies the type of collaboration between federal agencies and private industry that can underlie deployment of analytical products and technologies that improve response to national security threats. Emergency outage recovery Failed electricity transformers can take up to 18 months to replace. The Department of Homeland Security Recovery Transformer Project met a national demonstration objective to test emergency response to major outages of transmission-level transformers. INL acted as a technical consultant for DHS and EPRI which led the effort to transport an emergency response recovery transformer from the ABB factory in St. Louis and install it at CenterPoint Energy in Houston. Worldwide modeling efforts The MOOSE simulation framework has revolutionized predictive modeling work in an array of scientific fields. MOOSE and MOOSE-based applications are currently licensed for use by 25 domestic and foreign laboratories universities and companies and the user community is growing rapidly. Active MOOSE license agreements Pacific Northwest National Laboratory Los Alamos National Laboratory Bechtel Marine Propulsion Corporation ANATECH Studsvik Scandpower University of Chicago Argonne Sandia National Laboratories Massachusetts Institute of Technology University of Wisconsin-Madison University of Tennessee Mississippi State University UT Battelle LLC CASL Atomic Energy of Canada Ltd. The Pennsylvania State University Colorado State University General Atomics BYU-Idaho National Nuclear Laboratory Ltd. Royal Military College of Canada Institute of Earth Science and Engineering Oregon State University Participants in the 2012 ATR NSUF UsersWeek below.