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17 Military research The DOD is exploring options for nuclear energy systems to generate electricity for in-theater military operations. INL identified the required capabilities and evaluated the time scales to design build and test a prototype small modular reactor for the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency DARPA. The insight gained about operational constraints led DARPA to request a second phase of research focusing on more pioneering concepts. INL is working with experts inside and outside the lab to narrow the options and identify capability gaps. International Atomic Energy Agency Increased worldwide interest in a nuclear recycling technique called pyroprocessing necessitates the expansion of IAEA inspector skills. INL responded by offering specialized training for IAEA inspectors and analysts to familiarize them with the fundamentals equipment and proliferation concerns associated with pyroprocessing. The lab has recruited top nonproliferation experts with real- world experience and it has experience designing developing and operating pyroprocessing facilities. Designs for small modular reactors above are being evaluated for DARPA. INLs Fuel Conditioning Facility left offers an ideal location to help IAEA inspectors train to detect pyroprocessing activity in member nations. Mongolian government INL experts were among seven U.S. participants at the second U.S.- Mongolia Expert Level meeting in August 2012. INLs Steve Herring and Bonnie Hong joined representatives from the DOE the NRC the U.S. State Department and Texas AM University. Meeting participants discussed key initiatives necessary for safely and securely deploying a nuclear energy program in emerging countries. Estonian government The Estonian government in its efforts to help secure its national energy infrastructure visited INL to gather information on methods and procedures for critical infrastructure cyber assessments. The director general of the Estonian Information Systems Authority and a five-person delegation visited INL to discuss critical infrastructure protection. The meeting request followed an INL- invited presentation on the topic at the European Union Conference on Raising Public Awareness about the Information Society in Tallinn Estonia.