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2 INL FutureINL Building a bright The U.S. today faces a number of national challenges related to energy security infrastructure security and cybersecurity. The Department of Energy DOE multiprogram national labs are especially suited to find solutions that may be too risky or complex for industry academia or regulators to tackle alone. Idaho National Laboratory INL is distinct within the U.S. national laboratory complex for its strong focus on engineering and applied science. Exceptional expertise strategic partnerships and a growing one-of-a-kind testing infrastructure converge here to create an incubator that helps new ideas mature toward the marketplace. Since the labs founding as the National Reactor Testing Station its always focused on testing and demonstration that helps reduce risks associated with deploying new concepts for large-scale real-world use. Today INL hosts test beds for technology ranging from wireless communications to biofuels feedstock processing. Most of the national research capabilities that are unique to nuclear energy reside at INL the nations nuclear energy laboratory. Consider INLs skilled personnel and extensive partnerships and a picture emerges of a national resource capable of addressing myriad current and future national challenges.