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6 LeadershipNATIONAL Energizing the EV conversation INL released an analysis of the largest collection of light-duty plug-in electric vehicle PEV and charging infrastructure demonstrations in the world. To answer critical questions and enable widespread adoption of PEVs several concurrent projects installed roughly 17000 charging stations and deployed approximately 8300 PEVs across the U.S. INL researchers collected and analyzed the resulting data. Their results were downloaded more than 1000 times and generated media coverage reaching more than 140 million people. A key finding was that public charging infrastructure is not needed everywhere to enable widespread PEV adoption. Instead charging infrastructure should be focused at homes workplaces and public hot spots that serve multiple venues. The findings will be used to support DOEs EV Everywhere Grand Challenge. This work earned INL a Distinguished Achievement Award from the DOE- EERE Vehicle Technologies Office. Protecting energy sector assets Collaborating with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security cybersecurity researchers at INL identified two malware attack campaigns with the potential to impact energy sectors across the country. These campaigns were the focus of a three-week 15-city project to train energy sector professionals. The lessons learned from sharing this information directly helped an energy installation protect its assets during a hurricane. Plugged In How Americans Charge Their Electric Vehicles Findings from the largest plug-in electric vehicle infrastructure demonstration in the world