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5 Supporting NASA INL played a substantial role in the yearlong NASA-led effort to study a sustainable strategy for provisioning safe reliable and affordable nuclear power systems for NASA missions and needs in the next 20 years. INL contributed information about assembly test and launch operations for missions at Kennedy Space Center. Also INL led completion of the book Atomic Power in Space II a history of radioisotope power systems and space reactor power and propulsion systems developed from the early 1980s through 2013. Helping industry speed deployment of new systems Leadership from INLs Advanced Manufacturing Division organized and co-chaired an inaugural Advanced Manufacturing workshop at the 2015 Annual Meeting of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers. Approximately 60 participants from industry academia and national laboratories attended and participated in discussions about Efficient Manufacturing Better Industrial Catalysts Shifting the Focus to CompositionsKinetics and the Energy- Water Nexus. Guest speakers and panelists included representatives from GE Research W.R. Grace Co. Aramco Services Co. and The Dow Chemical Company. A number of new collaboration discussions resulted from the workshop. a Atomic Power in Space II Chapter 9 ATOMIC POWERIN SPACE II ATOMIC POWER ATOMIC POWER A History ofSpace Nuclear Powerand Propulsion in theUnited States INLEXT-15-34409 The researchers are studying power systems for NASA missions.