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3 that was assembled tested and prepared for launch by INL researchers. New knowledge and scientific discoveries have been flowing from New Horizons since its closest approach to Pluto on July 14. INL created a new art exhibition that explains several areas of the labs research. An Idaho artist worked with scientists to create the exhibit which highlights scientific research that is advancing humankind and can also be beautiful. The exhibit offers a novel way for people to engage with the lab learn about its work and meet some of its scientists. The laboratorys important work drew interest from a number of high-profile visitors in Fiscal Year 2015. For example in June INL hosted a joint visit by the heads of two important DOE offices. DOE assistant secretaries John Kotek of the Office of Nuclear Energy NE and David Danielson of the Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy EERE met with INL researchers industry partners and Idaho officials to discuss ways to enhance and promote better relationships between national laboratories academia and the private sector. The Advanced Test Reactor ATR Transition to Commercial Power Modification Project was chosen by flagship construction magazine Engineering News-Record ENR as the first-place winner in the energy-industrial category of its 2015 Best Projects competition for the mountain states. The project demonstrated the successful collaboration of a DOE national laboratory with a European manufacturer to design fabricate test and install a custom-built Uninterruptible Power Supply UPS that meets stringent U.S. nuclear safety and quality assurance requirements. This resulted in improved operational safety and reliability significant carbon emission reductions and major operating cost savings for Americas leading nuclear energy research reactor. A different kind of research on the INL Site is offering insights into the past. INL archaeologists were able to pinpoint the exact location on DOEs Idaho Site where a World War II B-24J Liberator bomber crashed during a training run out of Pocatello 70 years ago. INL historians mapped the location discovered a crewmans class ring and helped his daughter visit the site where her father had died. The site has been chosen to represent Idaho in the federally sponsored Making Archaeology Public project which will commemorate the 50th anniversary of the National Historic Preservation Act in 2016. INL archaeologists helped a family visit the site of a 1944 bomber crash on the INL desert.