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15 Fabricating nuclear fuel INL employees successfully demonstrated an extrusion process for fabricating metallic fuel slugs to support cooperative research for the Washington- based advanced reactor company TerraPower. Using extrusion rather than casting has the potential to reduce the cost of producing fuel since the extruded pins can be produced more efficiently than casting methods with a smaller waste stream. Evaluating nuclear fuel properties INL developed a new scientific approach for studying the thermal properties of nuclear fuel systems. The approach can be used for future nuclear fuels and materials RD. INLs Thermal Properties Measurement Report summarizes the labs research development and initial use of significant experimental capabilities for characterizing thermal properties. Enabling nuclear investigation INL demonstrated a newly operational radioisotope mass separator RMS a device that will improve the accuracy and precision of nuclear forensics analysis providing critical information about nuclear sites and materials. Employing a range of tools and techniques nuclear nonproliferation experts investigate the source origins and enrichment level of nuclear materials. The RMS is co-sponsored by the DHS Domestic Nuclear Detection Office DNDO and the Federal Bureau of Investigation FBI. Supporting space exploration Deep-space exploration missions require heat and electrical power from radioisotope power systems fueled with the plutonium-238 isotope. INL stores and manages the U.S. supply of neptunium for use to produce Pu-238. A critical component of the isotopes production is repackaging neptunium-237 oxide NpO2 for shipment to Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Tennessee. In 2015 INL successfully established the ability to repackage NpO2 in INLs Fuel Manufacturing Facility at MFC. A researcher working on the newly operational radioisotope mass separator.