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CollaborationsNOTABLE 10 Performing multilab simulations Novel concepts for improving energy storage and distribution need to be modeled and simulated before being tested in the real world. INL can perform such tests with its real-time digital simulator which can incorporate actual system hardware or software in the simulation. This year INL demonstrated the ability to connect its simulator with one at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory in Colorado. The connection enables the labs simulators to feed data to each other and answer questions that neither lab could accomplish alone. Reducing nuclear threats INL assisted the NNSA in reaching milestones in removing and securing nuclear materials across the globe with the removal of highly enriched uranium from Uzbekistan. In addition three irradiators that could have been used in radiological dispersal devices were removed. Strengthening wireless network for first responders A robust nationwide wireless communication network is necessary for police firefighters and other first responders to stay safe and do their jobs. As the lead DOE center for critical infrastructure and communications cybersecurity as well as being home to one of the largest test and evaluation ranges in the nation INL is supporting the First Responder Network Authority FirstNet to strengthen the cyber- and physical security of these networks.