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19 Recognizing Expertise Dr. David Xianming Bai The computational scientist received The Minerals Metals and Materials Society TMS Young Leader Professional Development Award which recognizes individuals under the age of 40 for their potential as future leaders within the materials and engineering community. Dr. Bruce Mincher The radiation chemist was selected as an INL Fellow. The designation of Laboratory Fellow recognizes an individuals outstanding contributions to the scientific and engineering community. Dr. Brad Merrill The nuclear engineer received the Outstanding Achievement Award from the ANS Fusion Energy Division which promotes the development and timely introduction of fusion energy as a sustainable energy source with favorable economic environmental and safety attributes. Analyzing risk A new version of INLs SAPHIRE Systems Analysis Programs for Hands- on Integrated Reliability Evaluations risk assessment software was released in FY 2015. This software suite is the primary risk assessment tool in use at the Nuclear Regulatory Commission NRC and NASA. Improving reactor system simulation Under DOEs Light Water Reactor Sustainability LWRS Program the RELAP-7 Reactor Excursion and Leak Analysis Program-7 development team released a new users manual and theory manual so external users may begin testing the code. The RELAP-7 application is the next generation nuclear reactor system safety analysis code. The overall design goal is to take advantage of the previous 30 years of advancements in computer architecture software design numerical integration methods and physical models.