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9 Promoting smart grid communications In collaboration with the DOEs Office of Electricity Delivery Energy Reliability OE INL hosted a program meeting to establish technology gaps in smart grid adoption. The meeting provided DOE-OE with information to develop a road map for research and development which will advance the integration of wireless technologies power generation and communications and control systems. This supports the goal set forth by Congress to modernize the nations electricity grid to improve its reliability and efficiency. Nuclear fuel recycling Both the U.S. and Europe are researching ways to improve nuclear fuel recycling processes that separate useful energy resources from waste products. For the first time in 20 years INL was invited to participate as the U.S. representative to the European Unions research framework on the topic a program now known as Safety of Actinide Separations Processes Program or SACSESS. INL completed a number of solvent irradiation tests in its one-of-a-kind radiolysishydrolysis test loop to support both the EU program and DOEs Fuel Cycle Technologies program. Understanding radiations effects on reactor components Understanding how radiation affects reactor components and fuel is critical for the continued safety and reliability of existing light water reactors and advanced reactor materials. In 2015 INL completed fracture toughness tests on irradiatedlight water reactor internal materials alloys X-750 and XM-19. The work which supports the Electric Power Research Institute EPRI represented the first use of new Irradiation Assisted Stress Corrosion Cracking IASCC facilities at INLs Materials Fuels Complex MFC to perform fracture toughness tests. The resulting data when combined with previously obtained IASCC data will represent some of the most complete data on irradiated mechanical properties for these alloys.