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Technology 18 Improving the process of recycling nuclear fuel The removal of volatile radionuclides generated during used nuclear fuel reprocessing is almost certain to be necessary for the licensing of a reprocessing facility in the United States. A new capability for krypton Kr and xenon Xe capture research was established at INL. This capability allows for the study of the selective capture of Kr and Xe from used nuclear fuel recycling off-gas simulants to support the DOE Fuel Cycle Technologies Off-Gas Sigma Team. Ensuring safe battery performance In 2015 INL published two battery test manuals outlining standardized test procedures for different automotive energy storage applications. By offering a reliable resource for evaluating different technologies the manuals contribute to INLs reputation as an honest broker for information about automotive battery technology. The work provides just one example of how INL evaluates performance and helps manufacturers and end users understand the science that makes batteries perform certain ways. INNOVATION A researcher conducting battery performance tests.