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4 LeadershipNATIONAL Coordinating national solutions The Department of Energys national laboratories are home to some of the worlds most powerful lasers fastest supercomputers and talented researchers. This system of 17 labs provides an invaluable resource to decision-makers academia and private industry. As an objective source of expertise and analysis national laboratories such as INL are uniquely qualified. Whether theyre leading national discussions coordinating diverse teams of experts or making distinctive research assets available INL experts are part of a crucial national resource. Starting national conversation INL coordinated a nationwide brainstorming session about innovation in nuclear energy. INL organized a collaborative group of national laboratories universities and thought leaders from diverse backgrounds to start a dialogue surrounding some of the toughest questions about the future of nuclear energy as a key part of the nations energy portfolio. The Nuclear Innovation Workshops simultaneous meetings in six U.S. cities paved the way for a paradigm shift on how nuclear energy research development demonstration and deployment RDDD is defined and conducted. These efforts identified specific pathways for deploying nuclear energy technologies more quickly and cost-effectively. Elements of that conversation were incorporated into the new Gateway for Accelerated Innovation in Nuclear GAIN initiative announced at the White House in November. Facilitating international discussion on cybersecurity During the International Atomic Energy Agencys International Conference on Computer Security in a Nuclear World INL hosted a live demonstration depicting a cyberattack at a nuclear power plant. The demonstration a collaboration with Pacific Northwest National Laboratory and the National Nuclear Security Administration opened up an international dialogue about the emerging challenges associated with cyber- and physical security at nuclear installations. Todd Allen INLs deputy lab director for research and development facilitates a talk about nuclear energy.