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7 Commission support INL supported the Blue Ribbon Commission on Americas Nuclear Future by hosting a subcommittee visit above and providing comments on the 2011 draft report. The commissioners toured INL facilities in 2010 and consulted with experts to learn about expertise and research capabilities that might influence discussions about technology development opportunities and long-term nuclear fuel storage capabilities. Accident recovery expertise The events in Japan amplified interest in the recovery at the U.S. Three Mile Island Unit 2 TMI-2 because parallels can be drawn between the two incidents. Japans Central Research Institute of Electric Power Industry CRIEPI asked INL to perform research into the TMI-2 recovery effort and its applicability to the Fukushima Daiichi cleanup. INL researched these issues and summarized them in the Three Mile Island Core Debris Packaging Transportation and Storage Summary which also included research into the corrosion of spent nuclear fuel exposed to seawater. The professionalism and commitment of your staff contributed directly to the success of the Departments and the United States ability to respond to the Fukushima incident . . . This was an outstanding example of how the Department and its employees can quickly come together . . . to address an issue of national and international importance. Peter Lyons Assistant Secretary for Nuclear Energy