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12 Collaborations WITH... Academic institutions Partnerships with U.S. colleges and universities extend Americas academic research capabilities and help develop the workforce of the future. Academic institutions and researchers across the nation are benefiting from access to the resources capabilities and expertise at INL. Idahos research partnership The Center for Advanced Energy Studies CAES at INL is a partnership between INL and Idahos three public research universities. In FY 2011 more than 125 affiliated researchers from CAES partner institutions published more than 90 research findings and won 18.3 million in funding for research and infrastructure. CAES also continues to attract students to Idaho nuclear science and engineering university programs with more than 550 students enrolling in such programs during the Spring 2011 semester. Massachusetts Institute of Technology INL provided technical support and leadership to the MIT study The Future of the Nuclear Fuel Cycle and INL Director John Grossenbacher is an MIT Nuclear Fuel Cycle Study Advisory committee member. MIT professor Ju Li was appointed to the newly established Battelle Energy Alliance BEA professorship for Nuclear Science and Engineering. Dr. Li will apply his groundbreaking research into atomic-scale materials behavior to a broad range of challenges including energy storage waste management and reactor materials. Wireless technology expert and MIT research scientist John Chapin visited INL as part of the labs faculty exchange program. Chapin currently serves on several industry and government advisory boards including the Federal Communication Commissions Technical Advisory Council and the U.S. Armys Independent Review Team for Technology Readiness. During a symposium for INL employees he noted how INL is positioned to support national needs related to spectrum sharing research and experimentation. In FY2011 47 students interned or conducted graduate-level research at CAES which awarded 10000 in college scholarships that year.