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Developing low-enrichment fuels INL researchers are leading the development of new low-enriched fuels to replace high-enriched fuels used in some reactors around the world. This latest effort in support of the Global Threat Reduction Initiative builds on years of success in converting research and test reactors to low-enrichment fuel by developing a uranium-molybdenum monolithic fuel for high-performance reactors. The fuel type has been successfully tested and shown to be stable under prototypical conditions in INLs Advanced Test Reactor. Energy secretary awards Seven INL employees received awards from Energy Secretary Steven Chu for their technical assistance in Japan and Kazakhstan. Employees Doug Burns Cal Christensen Betsy Connell Harold McFarlane Joy Rempe and Derek Wadsworth were recognized for contributions to the DOEs response following Japans natural disaster that caused extensive damage to four nuclear reactors at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant. INL employee Eric Howden was honored for leading a 14-year initiative to secure 10 tons of highly enriched uranium and three tons of plutonium that originated in the former Soviet Union. Howden led the American portion of a joint U.S.-Kazakhstan effort to take inventory secure and transport the spent fuel more than 1500 miles to a more secure location. Recognizing expertise David Petti INL Fellow and technical director of the Very High Temperature Reactor Technology Development Office was selected as an American Nuclear Society Fellow. Petti was honored for leadership in development and demonstration of advanced fuels and materials. Specifically he led the re-engineering and re-establishment of industrial fabrication capability irradiation testing and demonstration of high burn-up particle fuels for High Temperature Gas-Cooled Reactors. Joy Rempe an INL Fellow and a nuclear engineer with nearly 30 years of experience in reactor safety and high-temperature testing was appointed to a four-year term on the Nuclear Regulatory Commissions Advisory Committee on Reactor Safeguards. This committee is responsible for advising the NRC on technical health and safety impacts associated with reactor hazards. Donald McEligot received an international award at the International Conference on Engineering Education in Belfast Ireland. The International Network for Engineering Education and Research iNEER Leadership Award recognizes visionary leadership in innovative research consistent scholarship through international collaborations and pioneering contributions to engineering. Terry Todd received the Robert E. Wilson Award from the Nuclear Engineering Division NED of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers. This is the NEDs highest award and recognizes chemical engineering contributions to the nuclear industry especially in the areas of nuclear fuel reprocessing and radioactive waste treatment technologies. 23