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2 The Nations Nuclear Energy Lab INL is pioneering a model of leadership for the U.S. Department of Energys Office of Nuclear Energy DOE-NE. The model helps DOE-NE unite leading scientists and engineers with the world-class capabilities unique facilities and the synergistic environment needed to conduct transformational nuclear research development and demonstrations RDD. INL also is helping define how DOE-NE can work more closely with the nuclear energy industry by evaluating its RDD needs and identifying where government capabilities may contribute. Complex-wide guidance INL input and expertise continue to help DOE-NE develop a research strategy consistent with its Nuclear Energy Roadmap. INL is leading development of the roadmap implementation plans and guiding a research model that integrates broad technical expertise to match research endeavors with the right facilities and capabilities. DOE-NE has selected INL to develop a new RDD plan for used fuel storage and transportation. The plan will include specific science-based activities necessary to close knowledge gaps and will identify facilities and resources needed to complete activities identified in the plan. INL also is leading a DOE-NE effort to devise a research plan for the development of accident-tolerant nuclear fuels. Stewardship of research infrastructure is another important component of INLs contributions. INL led the development of DOE-NEs 20-year Facilities for the Future of RDD report which evaluates existing infrastructure capabilities needs and options for closing gaps. As steward to the overwhelming majority of core nuclear energy RDD capabilities INL A sophisticated furnace which has since been installed in a hot cell at the Hot Fuel Examination Facility is prepared and tested in the Fuel Conditioning Facilitys mock-up area. LeadershipNUCLEAR