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TechnologyADVANCING ENERGY SECURITY 26 Energy storage improvements INL collaborated with industry and academia to develop a smart battery monitoring system that can track the health of hybrid and plug-in hybrid electric car batteries just as a gas gauge lets you know when youre about to run out of fuel. The Impedance Measurement Box IMB offers a new tool that the electrical industry can use to better analyze energy storage systems and improve electrical operations. It has significant application in nearly all battery markets and won the RD 100 Award as one of the most innovative inventions of 2011. INL battery testing has contributed to increasing energy densities and extending battery calendar life from two years to 10. In addition the lab is developing novel chemical solutions that improve abuse tolerance lower cost improve performance and show promise as advanced battery electrolyte materials. Enhancing biofuel quality Myriad activities demonstrated INLs leadership and numerous partnerships with industry academia government agencies and other national labs to improve the cost and quality of biomass feedstocks. INL organized a collaborative workshop and unveiled the Feedstock Process Demonstration Unit PDU a one-of-a-kind pilot-scale research and development platform read more on page 18. The Impedance Measurement Box IMB offers a quicker cheaper battery monitor that leads to more accurate lifetime predictions and doesnt drain the battery during testing as other methods may.