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32 Business CONTRIBUTIONSINL INL business volume In FY 2011 INL did 974 million worth of business that included work for the Nuclear Regulatory Commission the Department of Defense several offices within the U.S. Department of Energy and other federal agencies. Nearly 10 percent of INLs business volume came from work for others that benefits state governments and private industry. INL employees INL employs more than 4000 people including 20 joint faculty and 11 post- doctoral researchers and numerous graduate and undergraduate student interns. Roughly 65 percent of INL employees have post-secondary certificates or degrees. Approximately half of employees work in Idaho Falls and the other half work at the labs Industrial Research Complex at DOEs Idaho desert Site. When combined with all Site contractors INL is the second largest employer in Idaho second only to the state itself and indirectly accounts for another 16000 Idaho jobs. INL by the numbers INLs customers collaborators and employees illustrate the labs broad expertise and reach. A diverse public and private customer base utilizes INL research and testing capabilities. Last year INL did nearly 1 billion worth of business and nearly one-third of its customers were from outside the U.S. Department of Energy. INL technology partners hail from across the nation and the world. SMC U.S. Army 127M DOE-Other 8M Office of Science 7M Department of Defense 72M National Nuclear Security Administration - AdvancedTest Reactor 52M National Nuclear Security Administration 109M Office of Environmental Management 23M Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy 31M Other Federal Agencies 23M Work for Others 73M Nuclear Regulatory Commission 10M DOEs Office of Nuclear Energy 439M INL does research and testing on behalf of numerous offices within the U.S. Department of Energy and other federal agencies. INLs customer base in FY 2011